The Triathlete in Pain, Opioid Avoidance/ Thank God I'm Not Racing Party

     A "Thank God I'm Not Racing!" Party in Kona?  Site of one TGINR partyAlthough I'm lucky enough to go to Kona every October to work the event, I've missed the past couple TGINR parties as I'm usually still on the pier getting those last minute details finished so that come the starting cannon in the m...

Variety, It's the Spice of Triathlon Training

Variety, it's the Spice of TrainingObstacle course racing.  It's great!  If you've read this blog in the past, you know I'm a champion of variety in training and racing.  Keep it fresh.  Keep the interest level high.  In my circle of training buddies, many have done a Tough Mudder (or TM half,) Rugged Maniac, Spar...

Thinking About an Ironman Tattoo? This May Help

Did you know that the marathon part of the Hawaii Ironman is a Boston Marathon qualifier? I think it became so about 11 years ago.  Pretty hard way to qualify for the famed Boston race.Here are some photos I took (as you can likely tell) of how others have expressed their IM-ness through body art.