Can Both a Father and Son Qualify for 70.3 Worlds in TN? Yep!

Do You Feel Guilty If You (think) You Train Too Much?

As a triathlete and parent, you always wonder if you let the sport get in the way of your family.  "Do I short change the kids when I'm out on that long bike?"  Over the course of 11 years, with 3 kids growing up, I did enough training to run Kona 5 times.  As any of you know, that's a lot of swim-bike-run.  I don't know how it came up in conversation, but I was talking with my now 27 year old son about it a couple weeks ago.  I asked him point blank if he thought I was always gone, always somewhere else training?  He answered very quickly, "No, you always had time for us growing up!"

Great to hear that coming from your offspring.  So I guess the key is worrying about it, paying attention to it.  Add in a modicum of guilt and even though as a surgeon I had a full time job, it seemed to all work out.  From the kids perspective anyway, and the perspective that counts.  I suspect that you are exactly the same.

Snorkel boating with the family in Cancun
Hey Dad, Wanna Do the Chattanooga 70.3 Worlds Together?

June 18th, 2018 will be Father’s Day.  So what do say we call the old man up, see if we can tear him away from the Orioles game on the big screen, or maybe get him before he heads out to the lake to see if the catfish are biting.  Then we’d say “How about a brick workout today Pops?  50 bike and 10 mile run?” 

I don’t know about your dad but mine would tilt his head up from the Sunday paper, look at me over top of his glasses, shake his head a couple times, and just say “Uh huh.”  He would then disappear back into the news.

But not all families would find this folly.  Take Boulder’s 23 year old Rudy von Berg, part-time grad student, part-time pro triathlete and full time fierce competitor.  Rudy is one of those quick studies in the classroom as well as the sport, now a two-time USAT Collegiate National Champion.  He has two professional 70.3 runner-up finishes including Miami ’16 by only two minutes to Terenzo Bozzone and Buenos Aires ’17 to Lionel Sanders.

Let’s say that if Rudy showed up at his Dad’s house on Father’s Day, there’s a good chance he’d find Dad, Rudy senior actually, not cleaning out the cat box or dusting the hall fan, but just as likely he’d find senior out on the road doing a 50 bike and 10 mile run.  Surprised?  Well, Dad, believe it or not, is the reigning 70.3 Ironman Age Group World Champion.  Not impressed?  Ten months ago in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii Dad took the Ironman World Championship age group crown there as well!  He won by an other-worldly thirty plus minutes over the best age groupers in the world.

Hard to say which of these two fast movers is the better athlete, right?  Well come September 10thin Chattanooga, TN and the 11th running of the 70.3 World Championship, senior will don racer #333 and Rudy Jr. will wear bib #10 as they go up against the best athletes world-wide at the distance.  Toeing the line for family fastest perhaps?

 I can tell you that I’m not much of a gambler. I didn’t have a Powerball ticket for the recent 758 million dollar lottery won by a Massachusetts woman .  But if betting were legal for this race it would be pretty hard to bet against either of these Rapid Roys.  I’m supremely glad that I don’t have to race against either one of them.

I can imagine being a flower on the wall when the following conversation occurs in the von Berg household - ”OK Dad, flip you for who buys the post-race beer.” Then without missing a beat, senior fires back “fugetaboutit!  He who has the hottest race is the recipient of that beer.”

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