It is our vision to offer athletes a community that encompasses: Training, education, and resources to bring value to athletes looking to gain access to quality information and support which will help them achieve better experiences and results.

Team SuperFly IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, there are a lot of free and low cost resources out there. We recommend them and think they are great for anyone who does not have a budget for training and advice. These can be a great place for athletes to start.

Team SuperFly IS FOR those athletes who do have a little budget set aside to invest in their own growth and experience. We are certain you will gain high value out of our community. 

2017 Team SuperFly




Webinars: (over 1200.00 value)

2 webinars per year with Joe Friel

2 webinars per year with Jim Vance

2 webinars per year with Adam Zucco

2 webinars per year with Tanya Zucco (Medical and nutrition)

2 webinars per year with Garrett (Strength) 

2 webinars per year with Achieve (PT)


Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts with the coaches 1x per month


TRAINING: (OVER 6,000.00 value!)

-There will be a team training plan published every 6 weeks.

2 camps included (150.00 for additional camps)

- You can either do the team training plan, OR, you will have UNLIMITED ACCESS TO TRAINING PLANS (Loaded for you in training Peaks). 

- Forum and email consultations with coaches 

- Video library with hundreds of videos from our coaches and Endurance Films

- Access to Best Bike Split INCLUDED

- Strength and conditioning program

- Nutritional guidance plan



-        Geneva Running Outfitters

-        Skinfit

-        Infinit

-         Roka

-         Huma

-         and more!