Interview with Craig Alexander and Julie Diben's coach, Mat Steinmetz

On today's show Scott and Adam talk to Mat Steinmetz who coaches the current Ironman World Champion Craig Alexander and Julie Dibens.

Top 3 progressive run workouts, learn how to add speed play into your running, uncomfortable moments in training and an interview with Dale Hastert

On today's show, Scott and Adam highlight three key progressive run workouts you can immediately fit into your training.  We also introduce two new segments including those uncomfortable moments you have in training and the oddities we see on a daily basis.  Learn what fartlek training really means and we interview UR founder Dale Hastert.

Should I train if I'm sick?, benefits of doing a triathlon training camp, our thoughs on Lance Armstrong's return to triathlon

On today's show, Scott and Adam are back and we try to answer the question, "Should I train if I'm sick?"  Upon Adam's return from the Death Valley camp, we discuss why going on a training camp might be good for you, and finally our thoughts on Lance Armstrong coming back to triathlon.

5 key Muscular Endurance workouts, using your training log as motivation and an interview with Junior Elite triathlete Ben Kanute

On today's show, we discuss 5 key muscular endurance workouts that you can do towards the end of your Base Training period. Adam has left the building so Scott talks about how you should approach racing other distances when training for an Ironman, and we interview Junior Elite Triathlete Ben Kanute .