Interview with TBC Medical Director, Dr. John Post, effective zone 3 training and workouts, and we reward our listeners with some free SWAG

Dr. John Post joins the show today to discuss triathlon specific injuries and understanding the healing process. Scott and Adam also discuss effective zone 3 training practices, and we have MAJOR swag to listen and respond!!

Zone 2 training, using a physical therapist to prevent and heal from injuries, top recovery methods, and an interview with Lindsay Zucco

On today's show we talk about what is Zone 2 training and how it should be done correctly. We also have Lindsay Zucco in studio to discuss how a physical therapist can help injured AND healthy athletes. She also gives us her top recovery techniques.

Discussion on zone 1 training, tips for the older age group athlete, and a discussion about the latest power meters on the market

On today's show Scott and Adam cover the first in five part series discussing each training zone.  We begin with Zone 1, what it means, what kinds of workouts, and what benefits it has to you.  We also talk about the differences in the various power meters on the market now and what the pedal based system will bring for the future.  Lastly, we interview Jim ...

Get your training intensity correct, the most important aspect of training, and web-based training options for Ironman athletes

On today's show Scott and Adam discuss the importance of getting your training intensity dialed in correctly with the help of some metabolic testing. We also highlight a new training option we will offer for athletes targeting Ironman Wisconsin.  Lastly, we talk about some questionable race tactics, is it strategy or is it being a poor sport???