The importance of cadence in your training, how to improve it and use it as a metric for racing, Course previews for Racine and Muncie 70.3

On today's show Iott and Zucco discuss the importance of cadence in your training and how you can focus on it both on the road and during a race.  We also preview Racine and Muncie 70.3.  Goal Mile FINAL WEEK!!!  1600 meters at GOAL PACE, then 10 x 400 m with 60 seconds recovery.

How does a professional triathlete train, Base training 2.0, and goal mile #13

On todays, show Iott sits down with co-host Jim Vance and talk about professional training.  We also discuss a different approach to typical BASE training.   Goal mile #13:  1000 at goal pace, 300 at 10k pace, 300 at goal pace  10 x 400 meters with 60 seconds recovery

Early season race previews, getting the most "bang for your training buck" when things get busy, power analysis

On today's show, Iott and Zucco talk about training when when you aren't feeling 100% and some steps you can take to allow your body to heal and continue to train.  We also talk about training during busy times in your life and what is the best training sessions to do when busy.  Lastly, we preview three early season 70.3 races that you may have on your sche...

How to structure your basic training week, does doing FLY help with freestyle swim times, goal mile week #10

On today's show, Iott and Zucco talk about how to set up your basic training week.  We highlight some structure tips to help you be consistent and stay on track.  We also debate the benefits of swimming different strokes other than freestyle. Goal mile week #10   800 @ goal pace, 400@ 10k pace, 400@ goal pace,  8 x 400 @ 5k pace with 60 sec recovery