What is aerobic threshold, IM Cozumel preview, holiday SWAG

On today's show, Iott and Zucco discuss the ins and outs of AeT and how you should incorporate it into your training.  We also do a course preview of Ironman Cozumel, and start our holiday giveaway.

Are you working hard at hardly working?

As triathletes we are used to working hard and overcoming problems. It’s usually an object of pride. If our FTP needs work, we work hard to get it up. If we need to get our pace down on the run or swim, not a problem, we work hard and try to make it happen. When it comes to the weight room, we either skip that workout all together but if we do go, we ...

What is your athletic age? New winter treadmill protocol

On today's show, Iott and Zucco chat about determining athletic age, when the appropriate time to take an extended offseason, and the importance of maintaining athletisism.

Kona and Florida Recap

On today's show, Iott and Zucco recap our Ironman World Championship and Ironman Florida races.

Never too old to learn

This year I turned 40 which unless you are my friends who like to tease me, really isn’t that old. However, I have been doing triathlon in some way shape or form since late 1980’s. So in that respect I am getting pretty long in the tooth with endurance sports. This year has been one of my toughest years I have had, I have been battling injuries in my lo...