Games we play while racing, NEW site!! NEW site!!

On today's show, Iott and Zucco discuss the games we play with ourselves while racing and some things that you can do to calm down the mind.  Plus, we introduce our NEW website and re-vamped athlete membership program.

Head Games

We did St. Anthony’s triathlon last weekend and it was fun to go do as it was one for the first major triathlons I ever did back in the 90’s. In fact, it was the first triathlon I ever took a plan e to lane to go do. So to get the chance to get that race in was a lot of fun. The only trouble with the racing part of the trip were my achillies. I have h...

Adapting multi-distance training plans into one season, program giveaway, and a 60 min RECORD

On today's show Iott and Zucco discuss ways to incorporate training over a variety of distances into a single season.  We look at an athlete who is focusing on 70.3 racing and see where they may benefit from additional volume.