I’ve always wanted to the Leadville 100 MTB race. I’d wondered if the race would suit my skill set. It’s a long course, it includes a lot of sustained climbs and it isn’t very technical relative to other MTB races. These factors would play to my strengths and to the type of training I usually do. An opportunity to do Leadville presented itself. I was i...

What is possible? My best races

Last weekend I had a chance to race Leadville 100 MTB race with clients. As I was hired to ride the crew I was with to the base of Power Line climb inbound, I was forced to go out at a very conservative pace for the first 80 miles to include even waiting at an aide station for 40 min while the crew regrouped after the Columbine descent. At 8:27 into ...

DARE2TRI party!! and discussing racing and training variability

On today's show Iott and Zucco interview Keri Serota, the executive director of Dare2Tri about their event called, An Evening of Inspiration on 9/18.  It run's in conjunction with the ITU Chicago event.  We also discuss variability in training and racing.