I have been bad keeping this updated but honestly it’s because things have moved slowly, or maybe they haven’t, it just seems that way when it’s all you seem to think about every day. I did want to catch you all up though on where I am with the heels so if anyone wants to know for themselves. - I had a lot f ups and downs over the past mo...

Muncie 70.3 recap, bike travel case review, the story of Sue Reynolds

On today's show, Iott and Zucco recap Muncie 70.3 and learn a few lessons along the way.  We also review our favorite bike travel cases, and interview Age Group worlds qualifier, Sue Reynolds.

The 9-Day Training Week

Since I wrote Fast After 50 I’ve gotten lots of queries from aging athletes about how to set up nine-day training “week” as I describe in the book. If you’ve read it you know that I suggest this for athletes who find they aren’t recovering as quickly as they did when younger—which is most all 50-pluses. With the standard seven-day training week typically...

Muncie 70.3 preview, tips for congested racing

On today's show, Iott and Zucco preview next weekend's Muncie 70.3 and chat about things that help with crowded bike courses.