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FTP Meaning and Testing

As an athlete, you may have heard the saying, "what you can do on your own in training, will predict...

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Speed Work

many athletes misunderstand the purpose and intensity of speed work. Some athletes do too much, whil...

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Blood Bio Markers

I am always looking for ways to help my athletes optimize their training and performance. Blood biom...

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Does Practice Make Perfect?

Are you an athlete looking to improve your skills? The old adage "practice makes perfect" might not ...

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I am Training - Why Am I Not Losing Weight?!

I often hear from athletes who are frustrated that despite their rigorous training and healthy eatin...

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What Does Your Vo2 Say About You?

What does your Vo2 say about you? Not much at all! If you think your Vo2 is the be-all and end-all w...

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What Should Be My Race Pace?

Finding the right race pace is crucial for athletes to perform at their best. However, determining t...

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Food Intolerance Testing - What? Why?

We often work with athletes who are struggling with food intolerances and sensitivities that can imp...

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Is Weight Training worth it?

As a triathlon coach, I often see athletes focus solely on their swim, bike, and run training while ...

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How Much Should You Rest?

I am often asked how much rest is enough and when it's okay to push on and when to back off. Rest is...

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