Sleep, Part 2

I apologize for the long gaps between posts to my blog. Even though I am now retired from one-on-one coaching it seems there’s still never any time for writing here. But one thing I seldom pass up in the daily bustle is sleep. In Part 1 on this topic I railed against athletes having so many responsibilities in their lives that they have to cut out somethin...

Sleep, Part 1

I’m now retired from hands-on coaching. It was challenging work for thirty-plus years, mostly because there was never a break. All of the athletes needed unwavering attention whether I was on vacation or not. Yet I still tremendously enjoyed it and, in a sick sort of way, now miss the pressure of preparing an athlete for competition. What especially made it ...

1 MILLION downloads!!! and the offseason

On today's show Iott and Zucco chat about what the offseason means to each of us, and we highlight 1 MILLION downloads!


Several years ago I was provided training products by a company that eventually let down one of my coaching clients. It reflected badly on me as I had suggested the athlete use their product. When it failed to perform the company refused to stand behind it. I left them and ever since have been very cautious with the businesses I suggest athletes use. That’s ...

Ironman #3 recap, managing holidays, offseason continued

On today's show, Iott and Zucco chat about the final Ironman of the year, Florida.  We also touch on how to manage around the holidays and continue some offseason chat.

Aerobic base work, Fall IM #2 Ironman Louisville

On today's show Iott and Zucco chat about the importance of your aerobic base.  We also highlight Ironman Louisville.

What to do in the off season

If you want to take racing to the next level next year, you must get the off season right. That doesn’t mean you cannot, or should not take a break, but you need to use this precious time to apply some of the thoughts and adjustments you have been thinking about making to see how they affect things, with time to adjust if needed. I always...

2018 KONA show

On today's show, Jim Vance and Zucco lead the charge for the 2018 KONA show.

Helpful Ironman Tips, IMWI recap

On today's show, Iott and Zucco chat a bit about some helpful Ironman racing tips and we recap IMWI.

To Marathon or NOT to Marathon

There is usually a large temptation to do a winter marathon but most triathletes. Sometimes they can be a great idea. You just have to know what the purpose is. They are a great idea if: - You just want to run a marathon - You are trying to qualify for Boston - Obviously, if Marathoning or distance r...

Show 178, Jim Vance and Adam @jimvance

On today's show, SuperFly Coach Jim Vance sits in for Iott to chat  with Zucco.

Thinking About an Ironman Tattoo? This May Help

Did you know that the marathon part of the Hawaii Ironman is a Boston Marathon qualifier? I think it became so about 11 years ago. Pretty hard way to qualify for the famed Boston race. Here are some photos I took (as you can likely tell) of how others have expressed their IM-ness through body art.

Unconventional Thinking

I suppose I'm a bit of a heretic. I seldom accept things at face value just because that's "the way we've always done it" or just because an "expert" says it should be done that way. Or, my favorite, which always starts with, "everybody knows..." I always ask myself why. Why should it be done that way. I've see...

Muncie and Racine 70.3, Chronic Training Load (CTL) and TAPER

On today's show, Iott and Zucco recap both Muncie and Racine 70.3.  We also discuss Chronic Training Load (CTL) and tapering.

Olympic distance racing and training, and swim challenge

On today's show, Iott and  Zucco discuss olympic distance training and racing and also challenge the listeners to a swim task!

Madison 70.3 review

On today's show, Iott and Zucco discuss and review the Ironman Madison 70.3 race.

Madison 70.3 - first "Race" back.

Well, that was interesting. I did Madison 70.3 yesterday. It was my first race back from all my surgeries and injuries. A brief re cap – I had surgery on both of my Achilles over the last 14 mo. That’s about a 12-month rehab process, and while I thought I could beat that timeline, I wasn’t able to. I think I could have with 1 but the issues...

Bike handling skils, and swim tips

On today's show, Iott and Zucco discuss bike handling, both in windy conditions and on descents.  We also chat about swimming.

CTL Concerns

The following is a portion of an email I received today from a US serviceman in Afghanistan. He expresses quite well a common concern I hear from athletes in regards to their Chronic Training Load (CTL) on the TrainingPeaks Performance Management Chart (PMC). ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ The email: Joe, I’m something of a CTL junkie w...

Minimal bike mechanics for triathletes, continued chat on HR

On today's show, Iott and Zucco talk about the minimal bike maintainence skills every triathlete should have.  We also talk about heart rate and zone 2.